Hosting & Web Development - Graphics, Logo Design & Printing


Opportunities are often lost because the brand image portrayed through your marketing tools does not reflect what the company is all about.  This causes hesitation, when what you need is to evoke response and eliminate your competitors. Your brand identity is your company’s public face, therefore it should make an impact on your potential customers. Creating a memorable first impression is what our team here at Grape Projects do best - you don't get a second chance to make a first good impression is our motto!

Our creative designers are the best in their field and look forward to design your fresh and unique logo, brochure, or anything else. If you can dream it, we can design it! We design your logo and give you a layout , "look and feel" for any type of marketing peripheral.

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Websites have many advantages that include but are not limited to publishing and organizing company information, as a central repository for files, as an online system that allow users to execute commands and order products.

There are three steps to getting your website up and running. Firstly, you need to register a domain, such as Secondly, you need to host your site on a server in order for it to be accessible via the Internet. Lastly you need to design and create your website.

Domain Registration

Domain registration of a domain costs R85 for the first year, and R85 for subsequent years; and a .com domain costs R170 for the first year, and R170 for subsequent years. If your main target audience is countrywide, we recommend registering a domain. If you would like to target a global audience, a .com domain is recommended. you will also get a personalised email@domain.